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Bond: 70L single-piece basket with wheels

 Sidi Bernoussi N°57, Boulevard Jenine, Lotissement RATC, Casablanca 22000, Casablanca, Morocco Map Directions
30.00 USD
26.90 USD
9 April 2018 - 9 April 2020 9 April 2018 9 April 2020
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Mega Rayonnage

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Bond: 70L single-piece basket with wheels

Single-piece shopping basket with wheels, with large capacity and high resistance. Available in two models: Bond 2 (with 2 fixed wheels) and Bond 4 (with 2 fixed wheels + 2 revolving). Thanks to its vertical design it will easily adapt to narrow aisles. It features a flat bottom, which facilitates the placement of products and the cleaning process of the basket, and a hook to hang the handbag or delicate products. Ideal for supermarkets, hypermarkets, toy stores, sports stores, DIY and garden centers.

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