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 N°57, Boulevard Jenine, Lotissement RATC, Hay Al Qods, Bernoussi, Casablanca 20250, Morocco Map Directions
240.00 USD
199.00 USD
20 October 2019 - 20 December 2018 20 October 2019 20 December 2018
Business Details
Mega Rayonnage

17.1% OFF

110 L plastic supermarket trolley with tray. Tubular structure and basket entirely in plastic, very easy to maneuver and practical thanks to its compact size.

It adapts to the narrowest aisles and can be grasped on any side for easy movement in all directions. Robust thanks to its exclusive monobloc chassis that unifies all parts of the cart and ergonomic because it was designed with you in mind.

To generate revenue, select Chariot Bravo 110L.


Sold individually
It can be customized with your logo
Dimensions. : 655 x 598 x 996 mm.
Capacity: 110 liters.
Weight: 14 Kg
Available in the colors: red, blue, green, black.

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